Birdz of a Feather ~ Craft Rehab (Craft Rehab) is about more than just my addiction to crafts: it aims to put sustainable crafting on the map with creative, fun and easy to accomplish projects that pack a wow factor.

Sustainability is about maintaining a balance and that’s exactly what I endeavour to do when I use what I have to craft decor items for our home. While some people eat tuna for lunch and then recycle the tin, I eat tuna for lunch and dream up ways to create a swing-out catch-all for jewelry, office supplies or even in the kitchen to corral hot drink supplies:

Tuna Can Swing-out Catch-all_Birdz of a Feather.jpg

Working out the kinks of my newest prototype before it’s revealed!

While Craft Rehab is doing its tiny part to maintain an ecological balance by saving the earth from excessive waste, it’s also doing its part to maintain balance in me too: crafting is a great stress buster! I hope you’ll try a project or two to find that out for yourself!

Craft Rehab is an offshoot of our blog ‘Birdz of a Feather Home‘ which I started to showcase reno projects with my husband (who I affectionately refer to as my ‘partner in grime’). We’re like birds of a feather and we love to feather the nest, so to speak. I’m the yang to my husband’s yin (hence my blog name and logo). We’re both enthusiastic advocates of repurposing and often let our ‘finds’ inspire our DIY and craft projects.

I hope BOF Craft Rehab and BOF Home will inspire you to feather your own nest in a sustainable way….after, good planets are hard to find!